Thursday, December 23, 2010

Giving Myself a New Name

December 23 – New Name. Let’s meet again, for the first time. If you could introduce yourself to strangers by another name for just one day, what would it be and why?

Cameron, age 7 says he would change his name to "Squishy Bob!" Because that is his nickname.

Laura, age 11 says she loves her name "Laura." That makes me happy, but if she was going to change her name she said she could introduce herself as "Sydney." She says "Sydney" is a cool name. Who knew?

Daren said he would change his name to "Bruce" because "Batman's" real name is Bruce. I didn't know that.

Colin, age 19 would change his name to "Charles Foster Cane." He thinks that sounds cool!

Christopher, age 15 would change his name to "Chris." He said that is his name!

My name. That is a whole blog entry in itself. My dad named me after my mom. First, big mistake! It has been so difficult to explain to everyone what my real name is. You see, my mom goes by Nina Ann Chumbley and I go by, N. Ann Chumbley, now Snider. Try to explain that all your life. Questions like: "What is your first name?" or "why don't you go by your first name?" Or the constant having to pronounce "Nina"--"NINE-A" for everyone. It has been a thorn in my side. I love the name "Ann." That would have been so much easier.

The name I would choose for the day would be "Katherine Elizabeth." I love the name! It's my deep English-Welsh stock coming out. I think the name sounds solid, confident and bold.

I had a good friend in school and her name was "Jamie Danyelle." I thought if I could I would change my name to hers because she seemed to have it all. How life changes.

So, what would you change your name to for the day? There are plenty of chooses out there!

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