Saturday, June 5, 2010

Taking It One Day at a TIme

Colin's "herb" garden
Our house with the new railing, front doors and some flower pots

Love "Gerber" daises
Watermelon mound--Cameron is keeping on eye on this plant
Some of the flowers along the back fence. We will be filling these in with flower seeds
More flowers
And more flowers
A little view of "Phyl-Kin" park. This area was named after Grandma and Grandpa Snider
Our wood pile after cutting down seven dying pine trees

I got all excited about blogging again when I realized that I could publish it into a "journal" of sorts for our family! Then as I realized that I hadn't done a lot of blogging in the last year, I couldn't quite decide where to start.
I made the decision to start with today. I think that as I go along and blog a bit everyday, I will be able to make a bit of what I missed. I know all of you are so excited to read about last years events and to make up for lost time.
So today, Saturday, June 5, 2010, here's how part of the day played out. I had been meaning to get up and go to Zumba on Saturdays at the YMCA for a while. Well, this morning my friend, Carrie and I promised each other we would be there. We even gave our kids a chance to swim in the pool for a couple of hours as well. NICE!
After yesterday, I was going into the exercise class a bit sore. I decided to go pick strawberries yesterday with Laura and a friend, Emma Crockett. It was hard work. We picked the smallest, tiny-est strawberries I have ever seen. I am use to the big California strawberries, the size of your fist. It took us about two hours to pick 24 pounds of strawberries. And these weren't the best either. Oh well. Anyway, I was already feeling the strawberry picking when I walked into ZUMBA class. In the end, it was great. I really love the feeling you get from exercising and not really having to think about it. Let me dance for an hour anytime and I will gladly exercise.

After YMCA time this morning I came home to get the rest of the plants in the ground. It has been a cold, wet spring and it's been hard to plant much until about two weeks ago. We have had freezing temperatures at night even until the end of May. One day, my friends from Salt Lake called to tell me that they were getting snow! That was May 25th! WOW-WEE!
I have attached a few photos of our hard work in the yard. We have been slowly trying to get a yard that we can be proud of. I always plant 10 or so pots to give some "color" to the yard. I didn't want to incur any more expense than I needed so I spray painted all the pots from last year, BLACK! I really liked how they came out.
Daren and the boys have been cutting down dead pine trees with the help of some great friends. Daren also made two planter boxes-or raised beds for our garden area. Colin took on an "herb" garden, which I am thrilled to have. Laura and I are throwing flower seeds everywhere we can. I think if you give me another ten years, we might just have a wonderful yard!


2pattyesque said...

Love the house and yard! So lovely!

Ann Flowers said...

Nice blog. Being a great lover of garden art, I enjoyed going through your blog. keep on posting.

Anonymous said...

Your yard is BEAUTIFUL Ann !