Saturday, June 5, 2010

Making My Blog into a Book!

After seeing a friend of mine--who happens to be a missionary companion from the great GHM--showed a great idea about making her blog into a published book every year, I am hot on the trail of blogging as much as I can and also getting those fabulous photos uploaded on here as well. I'm so excited!

Here's the link for making your blog into a book:

It looks so simple and I am so excited to give it a try. I'm going to even try my hand at uploading some of my favorite family recipes on a blog and then printing it for my family.


2pattyesque said...

For books like recipe books you might like to try Shutterfly.

2pattyesque said...

I was amazed that despite publishing only "public" information online that my blog book still captured a lot of our year. It was a fun "journal" to look back on. I am doing it one year at a time and it kind of expands on my written journal. I've thought that really I should just do a password protected blog and then print it out every year for my journal so I could be more candid than I am. But . . . maybe it is good to not be so candid and just print the good-parts version of my life. :0)