Thursday, March 19, 2009

List of 101 Things in 1001 Days--FINALLY!

List of 101 Things in 1001 Days

These goals run from March 10, 2009 through December 5, 2011

During this time these events will happen in our family:
I will celebrate my 47, 48, 49 birthdays
Daren will celebrate his 45, 46 birthdays
Daren and I will celebrate our 19, 20, and 21 wedding anniversaries
Colin will turn 18, 19, and 20 years old. He will leave on a mission, and got to college
Christopher will turn 14, 15, and 16 years old. He will get his driver’s license, start high school and start group dating and start attending church dances
Laura will turn 10, 11 and almost 12 years old. She will start middle school, and Young Women’s at church
Cameron will turn 7 and 8 years old during this time. He will be baptized and start cub scouts.

Elder Neal A. Maxwell said: “The Lord loves each of us too much to merely let us go on being what we now are, for he knows what we have the possibility to become!”

1. Paint Laura’s Room
2. Paint the Boys Room
3. Paint the Master Bedroom
4. Re-do the Master Bathroom
5. Use Computer Software to track family spending $
6. Read to Cameron 15 minutes everyday
7. Get Laura/Chris motivated to practice the piano. Cameron starts piano lessons.
8. Adopt a Family for one year for Christmas
9. Try one new food storage recipe a month
10. Put in Flower bed trim-“Curb-It”
11. Go to Coco-Keys or a new Water Park as a family
12. Help prepare Colin for his mission and college
13. Write the missionaries twice a month
14. Get Cameron ready for Cub Scouts-Community Pack
15. Get Cameron ready for baptism
16. Get Laura ready for Middle School—have Laura finish her “Faith in God” award
17. Start and finish working on our yard/landscape
18. Make a family room downstairs
19. Have a successful High School graduation party for Colin
20. Go on a vacation with Laura and Cameron to Disneyland
21. Celebrate each birthday of the family
22. Attend TOFW twice
23. Buy food storage items every month for March 2009-December 2011
24. Plant a garden
25. Take down the pine trees
26. Take a family picture
27. Have an adult dinner party at our house for a few couples in the ward
28. Create a crafting group for a few close friends
29. Have another family over for dinner 6 times
30. Help Christopher finish his Eagle Scout award
31. Visit Mt. Rushmore
32. Start and maintain a small “cash reserve”
33. Go to lunch with Utah friends
34. Keep a cleaner, more organized home
35. Prepare dinner at least five (5) nights a week
36. Take a family vacation before Colin graduates from high school
37. Keep an updated will
38. Take the kids on a bike ride to Ft. Kearney
39. Take more pictures
40. Write a family update and e-mail or blog in to our family on a monthly basis
41. Remember to call and send out birthday cards to all of our extended family members and friends
42. Update my blog weekly in order to keep in touch with our out of town family and friends
43. Get Christopher his driver’s license—teach him how to drive

1. Read the Book of Mormon
2. Read the Doctrine and Covenants
3. Develop a habit of regular personal scripture study
4. Begin to keep a journal on a weekly basis—this could be blogging as well
5. Have FHE on a weekly basis
6. Attend the Temple 15 times
7. Find out what a broken heart and a contrite spirit really are
8. Read my Patriarchal Blessing weekly
9. Take online “Web-inar’s” from Deseret Book
10. Read each General Conference edition of the Ensign before the next General Conference

1. Enroll in a Master’s program
2. Create a notebook for each class I teach
3. Attend one Conference for ELI
4. Submit a proposal for a professional conference
5. Make each of my classes more exciting and organized
6. Buy and learn Class Action grading program
7. Teach one new class I have never taught
8. Make a blog for my student to use

1. Give up drinking SODA
2. Be a “soft-spoken” wife and mother and person
3. Can or Bottle at least 4-dozen bottles of something-fruit, sauce
4. Travel to Asia
5. Run a ½ marathon
6. Buy a new card for Daren and I
7. Have a the house ½ paid off
8. Have student’s loans ½ paid off
9. Be out of debt except for student’s loans and house
10. Walk one hour five days a week
11. Go to St. George twice
12. Go visit my Aunt Madge
13. Create a Tickler file
14. Organize the letters from my mission
15. Take a trip with only Daren
16. Stop yelling
17. Give blood
18. Send thank you notes to people who do nice things
19. Purchase a BOSCH for the kitchen
20. Have a holiday party in 2009 or 2010
21. Attend Relief Society on a regular basis
22. Implement a “healthy living” diet
23. Read one book a month—pleasure reading
24. Make a quilt
25. Sew Laura a dress
26. Buy an IPOD Touch—Maybe a Kindle
27. Write a poem
28. Make pillowcases for Pioneer Trek
29. Prepare with Colin and Christopher for the Pioneer Trek
30. Practice the piano once a week
31. Be active in one group through UNK Wives Club
32. Ask to a visiting teacher again

1. Be involved in PTO
2. Work on some advisory board or committee for the City of Kearney
3. Be active in KHS Band
4. VOTE in each election
5. Participate in 6 community events
6. Work for “Habitat for Humanity” 10 times
7. Be a part of Good fellow’s for Christmas each year
8. Run for School Board

*I hope I can accomplish many if not most of these goals in the next 1001 days.


Amazed said...

I'm impressed! Wow!

2pattyesque said...

Meine gute! I'm impressed! Report back to me in 1001 days to see how things went! Or, if you have progressed so far that you can't contact me from the Celestial Kingdom you've created in K, NB, just say a prayer for me! :-)

Michal said...

what fantastic goals, anne! keep us updated as you check them off.

familywithfivekids said...

You have such a wonderful list! You have inspired me. I've had fun looking at your blog - I'll visit again!

Kate said...

I didn't see "attend Katy Hall's wedding" on here. :)

Matthew said...

I you aren't already where you want to be with 5) you may want to try It lets you logon and see where you money has gone, just like you check your friends' status on facebook.