Thursday, April 16, 2009

Facebook Has Taken Over My Life!

You would think that I wouldn't so easily succumb to something like facebook...but I have. So much easier to get on there and post a one line sentence about how life is going, check out and see how a few--almost a 1,000--friends are doing, and log off. So much more simpler than having to write a blog post, add some pictures, spell-check and know what I'm talking about. So I have for the last month just pretty much ignored my blog. Poor blog! Last night my sister-in-law, Julie asked if people blog anymore...well, some people do.

Here is a little story I "borrowed" from a blog I read. Its about the importance of "thank-you" notes. I love to send and to receive them. I feel quite strongly about acknowledging things that people do for you. I feel quite strongly that my children will also have this habit. I hope I am winning the battle!


"A woman who was experiencing some serious trials in life had decided to end her own life. She had her plan all set to write a suicide note and then take a bottle of pills. As she opened her nightstand drawer to pull out a pen and paper, she happened onto a stack of thank you notes. She'd saved every one she'd ever received and the drawer was their home. She picked up one of the thank you cards that had been written to her months before, "Thank you for the lovely dinner you brought in..." and then another, "Thanks for being such a great friend. Your dinner was lovely..." and then another and another and another. As she sat there on her bedside reading the many, many kind words said by others, appreciating her kind acts over the years, acknowledging her goodness, she was overcome with joy and peace. After an hour or so, she completely abandoned her original idea of taking her own life and was ready to go out and face the world again."

So, thank you! And I believe...Spring is just around the corner! I think! :)

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2pattyesque said...

N. Ann, I've missed your blogging, even if I am on FB--part of your cast of thousands!