Friday, January 9, 2009

What Am I Doing RIght Now?

What Am I Doing Right Now:

Out of my window: Snow everywhere and blowing wind like crazy! I left this morning without checking the weather report. No coat or gloves or …?

I am wearing: Black Jeans—right side out! A white no-iron blouse with a fun black scarf. I have on black socks with my favorite Clark slip-on clogs. So fun! I’m having a great hair day and I love my make-up! And I have on colored contacts. SO FUN!

I am hearing: My co-workers madly working on their syllabus and other beginning of the semester fun stuff.

I am thinking: my poor puppy that needs to be let out of her kennel for a potty break. I am also thinking about the great breakfast I had this morning that has really stuck to my ribs all morning. SOY-Shake and whole wheat toast with crunchy PB! SO GOOD!

I am thankful for: A warm office, a car that runs, my family, a great job, my working body, and my friends and family that make life so worth-it! I’m thankful for facebook and blogging and all the other fun things that allow me to stay in touch with those I love. I’m such a social animal that these things are important to me.

I am creating: a little skirt for Laura and also some little gifts for my co-workers at UNK. I love little surprises!

I am going: to go pick up the kids from school and also help Christopher with the paper route. I need to run home and let Miss Gretchen out of her kennel and get a little lunch.

I am hoping: My Friday evening is spent just loving my family and hanging out!

I am reading: Scriptures and looking for a good new book. I think I will read the “The Christmas Sweater by Glenn Beck.

Around the house: The house is in pretty good shape. I just need to organize a few more things and get working on all the photos I have. Colin graduates this next year and I need to get his scrapbooks ready.

One of my favorite things: I love a big bowl of fresh popcorn with a big glass of Diet, Caffeine free Dr. Pepper. I love yummy butter on my popcorn and a little salt! I love good Christmas music playing all year long. I find that one of my favorite things is a wonderful candle burring in the house to make everything smell so good.

A few plans for the rest of the week-end: I have a few things I need to get ready for school. IT starts Monday with or without me. I also have I have some things to accomplish this week-end with the kids and also Laura and Cameron have some basketball games on Saturday. Their first games in fact! Should be so fun! Of course there is church on Sunday and we even have a CES broadcast from Utah from President Monson for all YA 18-31! That is so fabulous. I don’t fit in that category anymore but I love being their teacher so I can go!

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