Thursday, January 8, 2009

I want Wednesday

Recently my niece wrote about her goal to eliminate the “I want” sentences from her life. During 2008 she has focused on not buying “things” to make her happy and to fill her needs. She has done a wonderful job in refocusing her thoughts toward the things she does have. Like Michal said, “The wanting itself isn't wrong, particularly if the something you want is worthwhile.” Today on her blog she spent some time coming up with a list entitled “I want Wednesday.” I have come up with one for myself. Thanks Michal for helping me really focus on what is so important in my life.

So for 2009:
I want my children and husband to know I love them. Deeply and completely. Hopefully they will never have cause to doubt that fact.
I want to instill in my children a desire to please God and to keep His commandments—I want my children to have strong testimonies of their own. I want them to read the scriptures, pray, write in their journals and do all other things I have tried to teach them on their own and not because I make them.
I want my words and actions to reflect the joy I really feel in my life. I love life and I am so thankful that I can wake up everyday and have another chance to do some good in the world. —My little world.
I want to get through the Christmas Season in 2009 and really feel the Savior’s love. I want to come out of the Christmas season with so much love for those around me. I just don’t know if that happened this year.
I want to continue to find balance in my life. I want to see that I am finding time to fit in all the important things, including: scripture study, exercise, serving others, family time, one-on-one time with my kids, date night, relationships with my friends and extended family, reading, learning, family prayer, and . . .I just done reading a great article by President Henry B. Eyring, given May 2001 at a CES Broadcast from BYU-I. Excellent talk about finding balance.
I want to feel the Savior everyday in my life. I want to get to the end of the day and know that I have had some kind of spiritual experience that day.
I want to be debt-free. We are working hard on this one.
I want to be a better person, friend, server, giver, wife, mother, daughter, sister, and teacher.

What do you want?


Michal said...

i'm so glad you liked my post. sometimes i wonder if my blogging is too me oriented, so i love seeing that it makes other people reflect on their own lives.

Amazed said...

Great answers! Good job!