Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A little of this and a little of that!

I don't really have time for a real blog entry but I wanted to just let everyone know how the Lord has been working miracles in my life and the lives of those around me.

On Saturday night a young man from our ward was in a car accident. This young man fell asleep at the wheel crossed over the middle divide and crashed head-on into another vehicle. He was not wearing his seat belt. The young girl from the other car was taken to the hospital and then released. The young man from our ward was life-flighted yesterday to UNMC in Omaha for surgery today or tomorrow. We are praying for a miracle! The surgery needs to go really,really well for him. I am praying for him. For our family it has been a chance to pull together and serve someone else. What a great blessing!

During this same time I have seen the hand of the Lord in my life every time I want to get discouraged and "run away." On Sunday night, President Monson spoke to the Young Adults of the church from BYU. I decided to go to the broadcast because I teach those Young Adults on Wednesday nights and wanted to take them with me after the broadcast to see our "friend" in the hospital. President Monson did a fabulous job talking to the Young Adults about going to college and getting an education. He was speaking to both the young women and the young men. He said that we are not at the point anymore where we can go in for a job interview and tell the employer that we will be a "hard-worker." President Monson said that just doesn't cut it anymore. He said that we need to go to college and get the best education we can. AMAZING!
I am just going to keep telling everyone that will listen how important a college education really is. It's my job! During the talk I had been saying a silent prayer to myself that something in that talk would just strengthen my testimony and help me to feel my Savior's love for me directly. As President Monson closed his talk he told a story of Brother Cannon and some pictures of a family in Germany. Brother Cannon was going to throw away the pictures and just couldn't so he brought them to President Monson and asked him to take them to Germany and see if anyone knew who they belonged to. This story has been told me before. It's a miracle story. The pictures are of the Matern and Berndt families. Dieter Berndt was my mission president's best friend. I served in the ward where the Matern's lived. That story was important to me. The Lord touched my heart and I felt a strong serge of love come over me. Thank you Presidnet Monson for listening to the spirit and telling that story for me!

One other thing that sticks out to me is a phone call I received as I was walking in the hospital to see our "friend." The principal from my children's school called me to tell me about a meeting she had just come out of. She had done me a big favor by meeting with some city officials. While in this meeting she told me how she had told these men all about me and all about my many talents and what a great person I am. She went on to tell them all that I had to offer for a certain Advisory Board that I have been appointed to. I was just so touched by her kindness and her high opinion of me. I have been smiling all week because of that! Her one act of kindness has really spread over to many other areas of my life. That was an amazing experience.

I am just being reminded daily that although I struggle with some things in my life, the Lord is mindful of me and of my family. He will provide. I have to put all my ducks in a row and make sure I am where I need to be so he can bless me. I know the Lord hears and answers prayers. He is so kind to me.

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2pattyesque said...

All those good comments about you are true! Keep up the good work!