Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Snider Family Newsletter for 2008!

Collage of Snider Children 2008
Christmas Morning 2008!

Collage of Ann and Daren 2008

We Got What We Wanted in 2008
(A list of 31 things that shows this to be true!)

1. Daren and Ann have four living children. The Nebraska “Safe Haven” Rule was thought about but not used in the Snider home.--just kidding.
2. Daren and Ann traveled to some great “dream” destinations this year. Switzerland, Italy, Monaco, France, Orlando, Salt Lake City, Denver, Council Bluffs, Kansas City, Omaha, Lincoln and…Grand Island. What more could you want?
3. Daren and Ann have jobs that are both rewarding and that they love!
4. Tornadoes hit Kearney while Daren and Ann were in Europe; so close but no damage to their home. Drive 1/16 of a mile and it’s a very different story.
5. The Snider family learned to cook some great “knock-off” recipes from their favorite restaurants they miss. No need to “Boo-Hoo” when they can’t hop on over to CafĂ© Rio or Market Street Grill. Now they just make our own.
6. The Snider family lived a whole year in a house with two teen-agers and loved every minute of it. Some of the Sniders loved it more than others.
7. All the Snider children are in school all day. Yes, you can lie on the carpet and not have anyone jump or crawl or touch you. It’s so amazing!
8. Cameron learned to ride a two-wheeler without any help from his parents. He has no patience or use for them—his parents that is.
9. Daren and Ann have matching scars from surgery. What a thrill! Guess it’s better than matching tattoos.
10. Daren worked his handyman talents and put some great white railing on the front porch. He installed a new toilet in the hall bathroom but that doesn’t sound so handy!
11. Ann’s mom is serving her second mission for the LDS Church by helping people with their family history. Ann’s mom was able to sell the family home after 51 years.
12. Ann got a “free” trip to Utah in December to see some of her friends. It made her very homesick. She needs to have a personal jet.
13. Colin got his first job. A Papa Murphy’s Pizza discount makes him a very popular guy, not to mention the money a job gives him.
14. Ann’s “best-est” friend came to Nebraska to see her. That was a miracle in it’s self.
15. Ann got to go to a UNL Husker’s volleyball game. That was sooooo cool! Go Husker’s.
16. Christopher continues to keep his life a secret and amaze his parents on a regular basis. He is a gentle giant. The December Band Concert was a perfect example. Chris stood by a young man with learning disabilities and helped him be a percussionist as well. It makes a Mama so proud!
17. Laura would rather play soccer, swim, play basketball, and skateboard than dance or practice the piano.
18. The Snider family was treated to a wonderful Labor Day weekend in Omaha with friends. The Omaha Zoo is the best-sized zoo ever.
19. Ann had the privilege of teaching the young single adults at church a one-hour religion class once a week. A perfect job for her.
20. Colin and Christopher are well on their way to playing the piano to the “Snider Family Level of Acceptability.”
21. Daren got to be the spokesperson for the faculty at UNK as he served as Faculty Senate President this year. It has had some nice perks this year, but not enough to make it worth doing. 22. The Snider family celebrated Chinese New Year along with Cherry Blossom festival, Enid and many other holidays from countries around the world thanks to Ann’s international students at UNK.
23. Ann learned that even something like a “hug” is not so simple for everyone, like students from different countries. And she thought she was teaching reading and writing.
24. The Snider family learned how blessed they are to have good friends and family and to be served by them.
25. The Sniders had many a chance to celebrate another year together. They even learned some sportsmanship while playing board games. Aunt Myrna would be proud.
26. Snider children learned that money doesn’t grow on trees.
27. Ann and Daren learned that an electric blanket really is a necessity. NOT A WANT…A NEED!
28. The Sniders learned that having a silver-colored miniature schnauzer is a great addition to the family. Gretchen is everyone’s favorite and, despite what Daren says, he really won’t take her to the pound if the rest of the family perishes.
29. The Sniders learned to say good-bye to dear friends; some for a short time and some for what seems a very long time. Thank you for touching our lives.
The Snider’s will miss Yuto, Brother Lee Harnagel, and Dr. Snyder, to name a few.
30. Ann and Christopher got to read some great books this year. Thank you Stephanie Meyer. Can’t keep those books coming fast enough. It seems that Daren was even bit by the “pleasure reading bug” as well.
31. And finally, the Snider family really got what they wanted this year by being able to look back at the year and know that they love each other. They also know that they have a stronger knowledge of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There were prayers together and for each other. There were family dinners most every night. There was Monday night Family Home Evenings most weeks. And most importantly, there was laughing, loving and learning by all (Daren wanted to mention that there was plenty of fighting, hitting and screaming as well…lest you think this is a Christmas letter from the “June Clever” family.)

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year in 2009! We hope you can get what you want this year…


2pattyesque said...

What a great year and what a great post! You're doing great! Thanks for being awesome. :-)

Amazed said...

Merry Christmas, friend!

... said...

I looked up Mormon bloggers and found you. I'm LDS (Mormon) from a wee town in Arizona USA... You are amazing. I loved you spirit, blog and lift that you brought to my day. I deleted all my blogs recently (long story)... started new ones that I don't like so getting ideas. I have twin boys on mission in the States and blog all their emails, letter, but keep private and blog my family genealogy. Thanks for brightening my day. Nanette from USA