Friday, November 28, 2008

"Eight Things After an Early Morning of Crazy Shopping

Eight Things After an Early Morning of Crazy Shopping

This meme is called 8 Things …

8 TV shows

I don’t even watch one show on a regular basis so this is going to be difficult. I copied my friend Marilyn because I don’t watch TV. I’m too crazy busy with life.
1. Survivor

2. The Great Race

3. Numbers

4. 24

5. Desperate Housewives.

6. Heroes

7. Boston Legal

8. Survivor

8 things I did yesterday
1. Made a beautiful dinner for my family and friends.
2. Cooked in the kitchen with Daren and remained friends with him.
3. Painted the kids bedroom wall after a young dinner guest got a hold of a black permanent marker and it wouldn’t come out. (Benzen is 16 months)
4. Had a candlelight “pie-fest” with Daren, Colin and Christopher after everyone else was gone and the little ones were in bed.
5. Stayed calm through all the chaos.
6. Smiled when my mom said something really embarrassing to one of our dinner guests.
7. Watched a good friend surprise the “little kids” with tickets to “Disney on Ice.” They are so excited.
8. Enjoyed 50-degree weather for the first half of the day.

8 places I love to eat-

1. Anywhere in Salt Lake City

2. In and Out Burger

3. Dodo

4. Hunan’s—Chinese restaurant

5. Olive Garden

6. Famous Dave’s Barbecue

7. Pantera -salad and soup and sandwich shop

8. Any German Restaurant

8 things I am looking forward to
1. The end of the semester
2. Taking my mom to her mission on Friday
3. The whole Christmas season
4. Buying and wrapping presents for others
5. Christmas break and the time with family
6. The New Year and the chance to focus on some new goals
7. Spending some time organizing the house
8. All the holiday parties that Daren and I get invited to.

8 things on my wish list
1. I wish for a year of happiness and health for our family.
2. I wish for peace in the world.
3. I wish for our economy to continue to get stronger
4. I wish that Daren and I will be able have our jobs and be able to support our family.

5. I wish that I will be able to get my body in shape for a trip to China—if I get accepted, a Pioneer Trek—if I can find a way to be needed, a trip to Utah and Florida if all works out well and most importantly for my general over all feeling of well-being! It’s a must this year.
6. I wish for an organized house. This will not only help me but it will help Christopher with his inattentive ADD.
7. I wish for a new car. Don’t know if this will happen. Still paying on this year’s medical bills.
8. I wish that by some miracle I will be able to see “peace” in my ward and that I will be able to be a small part of that. I know I am going to work on my part.

8 people I tag-
I tag Mary, Amy, Julie, Beckki, Randa, Heather, Rhonda, Katy, Annie, aka—Reese, Michal, Myrissa, Lindsee, Angela and Melane.

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