Sunday, November 30, 2008

Pictures from a Great Day! Pictures from a Great Thanksgiving Day!

These pictures are all out of order but you will get the idea! This is Cameron's idea of getting dressed up for Thanksgiving Dinner!
More horse-play with Cameron and Christopher! We had a great day together!
This handsome guy was a great help with the dinner prep. Colin is just so fun!
Laura, Colin and Daren working on the Thanksgiving feast!
A view of the "kids" table. I thought they would enjoy sitting together! They complained about it all day! Next year I will just make the "Adult Table" a bit more crowded!
Laura was a big helper in the kitchen! She helped with the onion chopping for the homemade stuffing!
We invited a good friend, Melody over to share Thanksgiving dinner! Cameron and Laura have a big date with her later this week for "Disney on Ice."
I saw these cute "place-cards" over at and on my friend Marilyn's blog. They turned out very cute! It's my Grandma's china, my cheapie flatware and a fun fall table runner that my quilting friend, Amanda made for us. Oh yeah, the table linen is from my great-grandmother from England and Christopher folded the napkins!
Another fun view of our table!
And one last view of the festive "Adult Table."


Mary said...

Great job on your table. I can't believe how much Colin looks like Darren and then I look again and think he looks so much like you!! Cute kids!! Wish we could see each other more often!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann,
I loved the photos! Collin looks like he will beat his dad in height! Jules