Thursday, October 23, 2008

Winter Has Arrived!

Just a quick note to let you know that it snowed for the first time last night in Kearney, NE I am heading out to TOFW in Omaha tomorrow! I am hoping for a relaxing 24 hours ALONE! I will post more when I get back!
AND WELCOME HOME ELDER STEVEN SNIDER! WELL-DONE! You are a great example to our whole family! ROCK ON!!!!! We are so excited to see you in December !


bsafam said...

I can't believe the beautiful snow has already arrived for you. I am happy that it is still fall here. Hope you have a warm trick or treat!

Mary said...

Snow!! Already?!?! That will make for a long winter!! I love the snow, but after 2 months I start to go nuts!! It's beautiful though!!

TracyLynnT. said...

I discovered your blog through the operation nice comments on the giveaway. I am originally from Nebraska, my mother went to UNK when it was Kearney State. As a matter of fact I just moved to Texas last January. I love the photos of the snow, something I miss very very much thank you for posting them!