Sunday, November 2, 2008

TOFW--Omaha October 2008

Mary Ellen Edmunds handing me my "MEE" pin! I am officially a member of the club! I have waiting a long time to be part of MEE's Club!
MEE, SMILES and Me--Over the Rainbow! Our Deseret Book Message board nicknames!
Another great photo of the three of us! Love my "new" friends!

It has been mentioned that I have not posted on my blog in over a week! Can it be? I have had some great experiences the last few weeks and so I am back to post about them and to catch my loyal fans up on my life. And by the way, I am addicted to facebook! If you haven't been on facebook yet, it is so fun! I love seeing what my friends are up to!

Last week-end I had was totally overwhelmed with a wonderful week-end in Omaha. There was an event, Time Out for Women, (TOFW) I attended Friday and Saturday. Basically it was 24 hours of uplifting music and spoken word by LDS musicians and speakers from around the world. It was so great!

This is a picture of MEE--my hero! And MEE's socks! Don't you love them?!


Misc Molly said...

Ahhh... GREAT pics of women I love!!


Mary said...

Great pics!! You look GREAT!! I missed the Time Out for Women near me because Steven got home from Jamaica that same weekend. : (