Monday, October 13, 2008


I AM: tagged!
I am: a daughter of God.

I want: a money tree.

I have: an awesome husband and four fabulous children.

I dislike: sorting socks after they have been washed.

I miss: living near my really good friends. Friends I can trust and who know the “real” me.

I fear: the economy, not being able to raised my children.

I feel: happy when my house is in order, the bills are paid and Daren and I are on a date alone without children.

I hear: children trying on Halloween costumes (such an easy “joy” in life to provide for them.)

I smell: 5-minute chocolate cake. I crave: CHIPS! POPCORN! A DR. PEPPER!

I cry: when I stand at a parade; at TV commercials; at Extreme Home Make-over. I cry way too easily.

I usually: hit my snooze button in the morning at least three times.

I search: for the TV remote—and I don’t even like to watch that much TV! I also search for time, time and more time.

I wonder: what my children will be like when they grow up.

I regret: when I say something before I think it through. I really need to be better about that.

I love: my kids, my husband and good friends.

I care: too much about what other people think.

I always: look for ways to serve other people I worry: about my family. I also worry about doing my best.

I am not: 47 yet!

I remember: life in San Diego and how much I love the beach, water—ocean and warmth.

I believe: that Heavenly Father can ease our burdens and strengthen us so that we are able to bear them well

I dance: in the kitchen

I sing: all my favorites.

I don't always: eat breakfast. My family can always tell.

I argue: with my children when I should just let them say their peace.

I write: to missionaries every other week. It’s a small thing but it’s something I can do!

I win: when I remember who I really am.

I lose: my keys, my cell phone and my debit card all the time.

I wish: I could be a morning person!

I listen: to my children most of the time.

I don't understand: how people in the community are my best friends and how people at church don’t see that same person.

I can usually be found: curled up with a good book if given the chance.

I need: an IPOD touch, a new car, a new crock-pot, and one of those fancy Bosch mixers.

I forget: to say, “I Love you” to my 16 year old as he went off to work this evening! He is a good boy!

I am happy: I really am!

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Michal said...

love it. stole it. come read mine.

we have a lot in common, you and i.+