Monday, August 18, 2008

How Many Times Have You Seen Mama Mia?
I've seen Mama Mia three times and plan on seeing it many more times. I love it! I know there are people who are reading this blog who think I am crazy...but...I just love it.

Friday night a few friends went with me to see it again. Daren had already seen in once with me and so had my friend Carrie. We wanted some of our other friends to see it and so we thought it would be fun to all go together.

The last two times I had been to the theater, the theater had been empty. Really! So on Friday we get there 5 minutes before the show and the theater was PACKED! Who invited all those other people? I didn't. We wanted the theater to ourselves.

I again loved Mama Mia. My friends were very mixed. In fact, I don't think they really liked it. OH WELL!

So go to youtube and type in "MAMA MIA." You will then be able to sit and enjoy some wonderful tunes from ABBA and the musical Mama Mia! Happy day!

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