Wednesday, August 20, 2008

First Day of School-Day 5

School started here in Nebraska on August 14. Way too early for my liking, but what do I know. This year marked the first time that all Snider children are in school all day, everyday! It has been somewhat bittersweet. While I know that the kids are in great hands and that they love school, but at the same time, I miss that time with them. We truly love summer at our house!
First day of Kindergarten. Cameron is ready for the first coloring assignment!

Cameron outside the front of school! It's the best picture taking spot! See the smile!

Cameron loves school. Kindergarten is going to be the best thing that ever happened to him. He loves routine; he loves being with friends; he loves his teacher; and most importantly he says if he misses school he will miss all the fun-ness! Who's child is this anyway?

Laura and Mrs. Mathews--the principal
Cameron and Laura waiting for school to start!

Laura has a first year teacher. Mrs. Pennington lives right around the block from us and she is full of energy and loves her job. She had been a reading teacher in the building last year so she is a familiar face to the kids. Third grade is such a vital year of school. It's the year that so much happens with learning as well as some social skills-especially for girls. We have tried already this year to have Laura practice the whole, "I am friends with everyone. I am not anyone's best friend thing." It's hard but it is teaching some great lessons of inclusion vs. exclusion.

Colin and Christopher First Day of School

Chris is off and running. As he likes to say, "he is top of the food chain." Middle school here is three years: 6, 7, 8. Being in 8th grade has given him some confidence that he maybe didn't have before. Chris always surprises us with what he can and can't do. He is musically gifted. He is just such a sweet person and is the friend to everyone. He is the fighter for the underdog and that really is a gift!

Colin and Christopher When Mom is Trying to Take Their Picture!

Colin is trying to find his way in the world of high school. Colin is focused and knows exactly what he wants. He is disciplined to a fault and keeps me on my toes. Life as a Junior in High School is such a fun year. He is driving and has some freedom to come home for lunch. He works about 10 hours a week at Papa Murphy's Pizza. It's a take and bake place and he loves the $. Just ask him about his new PSP! Everyday we get at least 10 recruitment letters for Colin for college. He took the ACT as a sophomore and did quite well. He is now trying to decide what would be the best option for him before his LDS mission. He has a December b-day and so he will either do just one semester of college and go on a mission or go a full year and go on his mission about six months later. Daren and I have no doubt he will do the right thing.

So I share with you a few pictures from the last days of summer and the first days of a what I hope are a great school year. ENJOY!


Mary said...

I can't believe how old your kids are getting. The boys look like such a mix of you and Darren!! We miss you guys!! BTW, we'll be in Fort Worth for Christmas...aren't you guys coming?

Cornfields, children and waterballet said...

Yes...I think we will wait until a few days after Christmas. I still need to talk to Amy and secure a room or two. We can take floor space too. It's going to be so fun seeing everyone.

I can't wait.

Big Daddy and Hot Momma said...

I really can't believe how big your kiddos are! I am sorry we missed seeing you this summer, hopefully we can hook up sometime before our kids are grown! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann,
Now that's what I love to see. Photos of the family having fun!As you can tell by mine I don't write novels. Most of the time I don't have long to surf all my blog links so I just peek and run. Love, Julie

Michal said...

jared and i just marveled over how grown up your kids are. and how much laura reminded us of myrissa in those pictures.