Saturday, June 14, 2008

What Would A Trip Be Without Food?!

A glimpse at some of the food we enjoyed on our 13-day adventure.
The picture above is my napkin covering A LOT of pasta that I just couldn't eat after several days of pasta, pasta and more pasta!

And now the picture of what I am trying to hide. See the picture below.

Notice the label on our little "diet Coke." Yes, that's COKE-LIGHT! A bottle this size cost 4 euros. That's about $6.00 dollars. Yes, that's right $6.00.
And look at this lovely salad. We ate at a really nice cafe behind the Notre Dame in Paris. So delicous! That was a whole avocado on my salad. A little outside cafe' with little tables to watch all the people go by. The waiter was very "french." --a story for another post.
More of our little cafe' in Paris. So fun. A lovely lunch on a perfect day.
This is one of the first days of our trip. At a sidewalk cafe in Lucerene. A very typical pickled salad with a wurst and some potatoes. I can't tell if Ross really is enjoying his German "wurst" or just trying to recover from a long day of walking and walking and more walking.
Daren enjoying some "bottled" water. I think this is a bottle without "gas." Notice my half filled glass of "FANTA." That's right. There is nothing like Fanta when you are in a german speaking country.
This is Dickie at a dinner of pasta. Take a look at that face. Doesn't it just cry, "More pasta, please. Please bring me more pasta. I just can't get enough pasta!" Such a good sport. And they brought us the apples and bananas as dessert. I was looking for chocolate.
And last but not least a picture of Dickie on the first day of our trip. We are looking pretty fresh and ready to go here. I just had to add this because it isn't about food at all. We are just getting on the bus at the airport. We are somewhere in Zurich. WOW!


Anonymous said...

Daren looks great. Come see us this Summer. The house and pool misses you! Julie

Amazed said...

I've never o.d.ed on pasta. I think I would like it.

And dessert was an apple and banana? What in the world is up with that?????

Michal said...

what? can there be too much pasta?

Mary said...

Is it just me or does Daren look a lot like Grandma?!?! : ) I miss you guys!!

Anonymous said...

Soda Pop you can find, ice? they look at you like you are crazy. Good to see you guys are having a great time. When Myrna and I retire,(always 4 years from now), you will have to include us in one of these great adventures.


Cornfields, children and waterballet said...

Uncle Richard--

We are just dying to get a siblings trip planned. We would have such a great time.

Start saving.!

Love ya,