Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Kids Say The Funniest Thing!

Yesterday I was in the car driving a few of my children home from seeing the very cute movie "Kung Fu Panda!" We also had my friend Carrie's little boy, Grant with us as well.
In the rear view mirror I watch and overhear the following conversation between my eight year old daughter, Laura and my friend Carrie's seven year old son, Grant. Grant says: "I don't really know what it's like to be a girl!" Laura replies ever so seriously: "I really know what's its like to be a girl because of course I am one! I even kind of know how it is to be a boy too, because on Saturdays I really try to be a "Tom-boy" sometimes." Grant then says in a very serious way: "WOW, I should try being a "Tom-girl" sometime!"
OK--how cute is that?! Kids say the funniest things. They certainly keep me on my toes.
Five year old Cameron told me the other day that I couldn't lick out the cake batter bowl because it was covered with chemicals. Chemicals that were only safe and good for "BOYS!"
Yeah....RIGHT! ") :) Love those kids.

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Reese said...

Cameron is seriously My favorite. They do say the darnedest things. My favorite from him is still what he learned in primary.