Friday, June 13, 2008

My Best Picture of the Trip! --A Day in Florence, Italy

I voted this my best picture of the trip. Meaning, one I took it! NO EDITING!
The River Arno in Florence, Italy
Another view of of the River Arno that runs through Florence. Don't you love all those bridges?

I picked my best picture of the trip. The statue of "David" turned out the best. We had been in Florence all day walking here and there. Can I just share with you again, that we did A LOT of walking. We walked around 7-8 miles a day. And stairs. Can I just say that there are A LOT of stairs in Europe?
It had been raining and the streets were crowded with tourists just like us. We saw many pick-pocket-er's. They look just like other tourists. The natives say they are "gypsies." Just so sad. We didn't have anything taken. Our tour guide would come on over our little earphone things we had and just say ever to gently, "Please be careful there are three gypsies in our group." It was just so surreal.

Anyway, this picture of David was taken just as the sun was going down. It's about 9:00 PM and we have taken our tour bus up the side of the mountain and had this fabulous view of all of Florence. Florence is the beginning of Renaissance. That is just so amazing. It was an amazing city. We visited a leather factory. Oh...I could have done a lot of damage. There were open markets everywhere. We walked through some of the greatest art galleries in the world. We walked across the Arno River on one of the many bridges. On these bridges you come to "lock your love." It's where you come and put a lock on the bridge and then you throw the key into the river so that your love will be for forever. On the lock you write your name and the date. So romantic. FUN!

SIDE NOTE: Our tour guide told us that the city officials come and cut all the locks off every three or four days. Can you imagine? There were at least a thousand locks on the bridge as we were there that day!


Anonymous said...

OH! he's cute.

Miss you guy's a lot.

Amazed said...

What a gorgeous picture! Everyone loves David the best. My David looks kind of like that David. That is why I married him.

I can't believe they cut off all those locks over and over again. What a waste. Some people would do anything to guarantee true love.

Michal said...

i wanna go to florence (whiny voice). i am trying not to be jealous right now. trying and failing. :)