Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Need To Slow Down!

Just in case you are wondering...Daren and I leave for Europe in 16 days, but who's counting? I have a lot to do! I keep thinking that I have more energy than I do. Daren graciously ripped off my bandage from surgery today, and now I just have some stitches that need to heal for a few weeks. :(

People have just been so amazingly nice. Our family has had three very nice dinners in the last few days, some nice flowers delivered and even had one of the coolest guys in our ward stop by and "loan" me several of his precious DVD's. That is true service! This after his own little "health" issues last week. DENTIST ANYONE?!

I didn't have a very good night last night but am hoping for a little power nap right now! My mind seems to be going a hundred miles an hour with all the "things" that need to get done in the next few days. I just wish my body was up to the same speed. :)

I am loving life with the fact that spring has sprung. I love driving around and seeing flowers everywhere and green, green grass. LOVE IT! They even started filling the "town" swimming pool with water. We are so excited!


Anonymous said...

Have fun Ann and Daren, I have to have a 7 cm sized cyst taken off my ovary, and pins put in my back cause I am all hosed up. Oh well, I will be jelous of you! Julie

Anonymous said...

I am So jealous! I have wanted to go to Europe forever! Someday right??

Have fun and be safe and think of me!

When are you comming to visit again? WE miss you?