Friday, May 9, 2008

Mean "OLD" People!


First of all, if you know me in the "slightest" you know that I LOVE old people! They have a very tender spot in my heart. Always have. It started long ago as I volunteered many, many hours at Alvarado Convalescent Hospital. So...

I just have to say that I meet one of the "meanest" old woman I have ever encountered. Let me explain. Laura and I decided to drop Cameron off at preschool this morning and head off to do some errands. A little Office Max shopping and then on to Target. We parked our car half way between each store and were off. After doing some "serious damage" at Office Max we unloaded our packages into the van and moved on to Target. Had a great time "browsing" through Target and were heading back to the car. Now remember, we parked our car on the north side of Target.--low traffic, a few parking stalls and usually not a very high populated area. As I had Laura put our purchases in the car, because you know I'm not suppose to be lifting anything over 15 pounds, I decided that I would just put the cart in front of the van. I was beginning to get a little tired and knew I needed to sit down. Well, that's when I was "attacked."
An older couple walked up to me and yelled at me that I had no respect for older people and that I should return my cart to inside the Target store...BLAH!BLAH!BLAH! You get the picture. The woman went totally off on me. I tried to calmly explain that I had just had surgery and that I was getting a little tired. This "old woman" told me that I should "suck it up" and that she was having surgery next week on her heart. this time I was crying and very upset. I just couldn't believe it. Her husband wasn't saying anything. I told her that maybe if she were nicer that maybe she wouldn't need heart surgery. HAH! I got my two-cents in! I just couldn't believe it. I went around and got the cart and pushed it into Target. I was trying to be respectful even if she couldn't be. By this time, I was crying, and poor Laura she didn't know what hit us. I just sat there in the front seat of the car for the longest time trying to calm down. WOW! I have never had anyone be that mean and rude to me. I hadn't even made seen this woman or her husband in Target. WOW-WEE! Laura just kept telling me that it was OK and that nothing that lady said was true. :(

I have been trying so hard to think about this horrible situation. I wish this woman could really know me. I love OLD PEOPLE! I was in Target getting a copy of a picture of one of my students who was killed this semester to send to his "Host Family." I have dinner prepared to take to a family that just had a baby tonight. I just had surgery six days ago. I do nice things everyday for people! WOW! ME---I am still hoping that I will someday see this woman in this small town. SILVER FORD BRONCO with a Veteran's plaque on the back of the car. I'll be looking out for it!

BOO for GRUMPY OLD PEOPLE! I really am a nice person. :)


Anonymous said...

Just Remember Ann. It sucks to be old and it sounds like she is a little senile. Shame on her. Love, Julie

Reese said...

Maybe she was crazy! Me and Katy are sitting here completely in shock... and I work retail and with people on parole or child abuse. Yikes!

Amazed said...

Let's make a pact to NEVER do that to someone else!

Steve Bradford said...

Just think, in a few years she will be dead and then decompose and then turn into fossil fuel.

Then she will finally be useful.