Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Not Your Everyday Sunday and a Few Other Thoughts

You just had to be there Sunday in our LDS ward. It was just the strangest! It was in the air--I'm sure of it, because the whole day was just "weird." It started off with us all getting out of bed with only an hour to get ready. That's six showers, four white shirts to iron, a Sunday bag to pack, two thick, long hairs to dry and style, and takes longer than one hour.

Daren and I sent the two older boys out the door about twenty minutes before church started. We thought at least some of the "Snider's" could be on time. HA!HA! Little did we know what we were in for. As Daren and I were walking out the door with five minutes to get to church, Daren was bending over to get the Sunday bag....when..."RIP." That's right the seat of his church pants split. TOO FUNNY! I'm so grateful for two-pant suits. He quickly changed and we were off. As we walked into church five minutes late we heard the piano coming from the chapel instead of the organ. Strange. It sounds A LOT like Colin.. Well, guess what? The organist hadn't shown up and hadn't called anyone. She was home with four sick kids and she was sick and her husband was off at a Conference. So it really was Colin playing the piano. That was the best. He loves it! We love it and we are so proud of him. He then went from playing the piano to blessing the sacrament. TOO COOL! So Daren slipped up to the organ and played the organ for the rest of the meeting.

I wish that were the end, but it's not! After sacrament time was over, a young Chinese girl--a new convert--started to speak. She was moving right along in her talk and doing a great job. could tell it was happening....she started to pass out. That's right, "faint." The bishop's wife and I yelled out at the same time, "Ryan, catch her, she going to pass out!" Probably not the most reverent thing to do, but instinct sets in. Poor girl. I guess she had been battled the flu and some other health issues and then was so nervous on top of all of that that she just locked her knees while she was speaking and the rest is history. The two nurses in our ward tended to her for a while and then another sweet sister drove her home. Daren took Gatorade over to her after church. She is so afraid of anyone in China finding out that she is "LDS" that she quickly took the Gatorade from Daren and closed the door. It would be very difficult for her and her family if the Chinese government knew she had become Christian. So sad~! But I am glad she is a member. It is so brave of her. She will be a pioneer to her friends and family when China is opened up for the gospel to come there.

After this young lady passed out we were asked to sing a rest hymn. Oh Colin had done a great job of picking the perfect one! It was the song, "Put Your Shoulder to the Wheel." One of the families in the ward whose wife and mother was killed in a car accident three years ago had told the story that if you really think about the words to this song it talks all about going "poop." I know that is just not so funny...but when you think of the song and then this family it is just hysterical. I was dying on Sunday with all the other events of the day and then this song. I am sure that our Heavenly Father has a great sense of humor. I am so glad!

Primary went off pretty uneventful. All the children assigned to give the prayer, talk, scripture and article of faith didn't show up. The assigned children were the children of the one of the women in the ward that is making my life so difficult right now. It's hard to see that the parents are using their children to make a statement to or about me. I just have to keep reminding myself of the good I am doing in primary. I know I am.

We had a Spaghetti feed on Monday night for a family whose young five year old daughter is battling a brain tumor/cancer. There were over 1400 people that ate spaghetti, not including all the people who just didn't have time to stand in line and just dropped off cash! So cool! I love this community. I am so blessed to be a part of so many great friends here. I really know that it is my friend's of other faiths that keep me doing all that I can and more to live a righteous life.

Last night we got a cute e-mail from our sister-in-law. She told us that their son had been called to be an "AP" on his mission in Jamaica. This is just such a neat blessing for him and for his family. From this young man I have learned that true repentance is key to living a great life. He has just been such a great example to our family. I know how much Daren adores this brother and sister-in-law and so I just have learned to love them as well. I'm excited to hear the tales of his mission in a few months. WOW! Time flies.

So to all my friends traveling...Germany, Oregon, St. George, California, Arizona, and many other places. Be safe and thank you for sharing your stories of strength and love of life with me! I have been so strengthened by you this week!


Amazed said...

Okay, it WAS a nutso day! You were right! At least it keeps eveyone awake!

Have a good week!

Anonymous said...

I loved the Family catch up. We have those days too!
Tell Collin we are proud of him too!
Julie and Roger