Friday, March 7, 2008

A Job That is a "Family Affair"

Christopher on the far right with three of my students from China.

Laura with three of my students from Japan--Ko, Yuhe, and Katsonarhi
Laura with two of my students from the Ivory Coast.

It's FRIDAY! After a week of midterms and many obligations it is so good to have the week-end! My boss sent these pictures to me today from a weekly event we call "Conversation Table." My kids love it! They really love just sitting at a table with three or four students and chatting about any topic under the sun. Christopher has had "play-dates" with my students and Laura is usually never with me if my students have anything to do with it! It truly is a "family affair" when it comes to my teaching job.

This is something I really consider a "tender mercy" right now. Without my daily dose of teaching and my international students, Kearney would be unbearable. I know that this is Heavenly Father's gentle kindness to me. Showing me daily that the world is out there and I can have an influence on it! Thank you!

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