Monday, March 17, 2008

First Day of Spring Break!

Laura and Cameron dressed up like "twins" after a day of cleaning in their rooms!
More "twin" photos!
Isn't he the cutest five year old you have ever seen?! Love that boy!
And "Miss Laura" in her favorite outfit! SOCCER!

How nice it was this morning to just lay in bed and know that there was nothing pressing! SPRING BREAK has hit the Snider home! I have high hopes that this week will bring less "stuff" to our home. Yes, I am de-junking....and de-junking...and de-junking some more!
I remember 8 years ago when we moved from Salt Lake City to Saratoga Springs, New York. We took only those things that we really needed. We knew the exact dimensions of our rented-townhouse and we didn't take one more thing than we really had to! It was so nice. I am trying to get back to that same feeling. Cleaning out what we don't really use or need.
We conquered the worst room in the house today! Laura and Cameron's room. They share a room and I use one of the closets in that room. Some how those two little one's find more junk than I can keep up with! Four trash bags later we had a very wonderful room. In fact they are in there playing as we speak. Who doesn't love a clean and de-cluttered work--sleep/play place?
We have four more days this week to pull some of the other rooms in the house into shape. I'll keep all my loyal blog readers up on the latest!
Happy St. Patrick's Day! And Happy Cleaning!


Michal said...

i love your new look. it is fabulous.
wish you were dejunking my house this week! or planting my garden. i guess i'll just have to do it myself.

Cornfields, children and waterballet said...

Yeah! I don't think we will try a garden. We have so many rabbits and squirrels and other animals running through our backyard. I rely on the farmers from the outlaying areas to bring their produce in for farmers market. I am so sad because in Salt Lake Daren and I could grow anything. What I wouldn't do for a homegrown tomato. I sure miss my San Diego growing up when it comes to having to buy oranges, avocados and other "fresh" things.! BOO-HOO!

Anonymous said...

Wow !! We love your Blog,
I wish I had more time to write. Mine is just lots of photos and a few lines. KEEP up the good work! Love, Julie and Roger