Sunday, March 2, 2008

Finally--"Miss Laura" is baptized!

Laura in her baptismal dress

Laura playing basketball after her baptism. Enough of being lady-like.

More basketball for that "Laura-girl!"
Laura and one of her dear friends--our bishop, Bishop Ryan Page.

Laura and her Dad. Always a "Daddy's girl!"
Laura and two of her brothers! She is so lucky to have two brothers who think she is pretty darn cool!
And again, "Miss Laura" on her baptism day! She was so excited to be baptized and to have so many wonderful people be apart of that special experience! Laura wanted to be baptized on a Saturday morning so she could have "breakfast" food after. There were about 60 people there! That is pretty amazing! What a special and sweet girl.


Anonymous said...

I really wanted to be at your babtism and am so sad I missed it.
I am very proud of you. Being babtized is so important. I will always remember have such a shining spirit. Thank you for being so sweet!
Much love,
Melody Pettit

Cornfields, children and waterballet said...


It's so fun to see your post!

Thanks for writing such things about Laura.

You are a sweetie and I am glad our paths have crossed.


Michal said...

we are preparing now for kimball's baptism at the end of the month. even still, when i saw this post, i thought, "she couldn't be old enough." i know perfectly well that she is older than kimball by three months but she still is the baby i remember from the last time we saw each other. what a doll she is. congrats.

The Snider Family said...

Tell Laura she looks so cute in her little white dress. We are so proud of her! Love, Julie

Mary Woodman said...

She looks just like you!! Sweet pictures!! I can't believe she's already 8!! Time flies!! Love you guys!!