Sunday, November 4, 2007

More pictures from the Japanese Cultural Event

Cameron "Ichiro" Snider~!

A quick scene from the famous "So-ran" dance from Japan.

Another quick picture from one of my favorite Japanese dances. --the "So-ran" dance.

Fahad from Saudia Arabia and Doris, a Colombian policewoman.

Laura, me and my two of my darling Chinese students
Lin and Jingbo.

Cameron and Laura with two of my students--The one on the left is from "Togo," the other student is from Japan. AMAZING!

Two of my Japanese students writing in Japanese characters. FUN!

This is a picture of Jair and Delores--two Colombian "policemen" studying here at UNK!
--they are dressed in Japanese kimono's!

These students represent four different countries.
Colombia, China, Japan and Vietnam. LOVE IT!

The entrance to the grand event. "Hello Kitty" is big in Japan.

Two more Colombian "policemen". Oscar and Nelva.

This is a great picture of Jolinane from Benin!--her french is so beautiful!

Another amazing picture that shows how lucky I am to teach these international students. "Bo-Bo, Riguang from China, then Joliane from Benin--Africa--ivory coast, and Jair from Colombia.

More of my fun Japanese students!

Everyone should have this kind of experience! I love it!


Amazed said...

How lucky that you get to interact with all these people!

Heather D. White said...

WOW! What an awesome event. Ann...I am SO SORRY that I have been so MIA the past month. Every time I log into my e-mail, I see your e-mail and think "I NEED TO RESPOND! I NEED TO RESPOND!" And it seems like I just never have enough time to just do it. Please know I haven't forgotten you. Give me about a week to recover from the past month and then I will drop you a line!!!!!

3 hags a bloggin said...

I love to see what's going on in Snyder Land! Who would have thunk that Kearney has that kind of culture! That's awesome.

Heather R. said...

HI ANN!!!!! Remember me???? Heather from NY. I saw your comment on "Rae's" Blog and had to find yours too.
Speaking of "Rae"....There is TONS of culture in Nebraska esp. in Kearney LOL.
I can't believe how big Laura is. I remember when you brought her home from the hospital.
So glad I found your blog!
I am blogging over at
I have added 2 more kids to the bunch since we lived in NY. (we have been to GA, WA, Germany, and VA since then)
So great to see your picture, you look amazing as usual.