Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Get Off The Couch!

I wish the title of this post were true! It's been a "wild" ride this last week. I can't remember it all, I just know my feet hurt and I want my bed. That won't be happening for a while.

Saturday night the High School football team lost in the State Finals. We were the State Champions last year. Colin played in the pep band. He is so cool! It's so fun to be the "observing parent." I was also sitting next to the administrator for the Doctor's on the field and so everytime a player went down, --which by the way, was ALOT! I got to know first hand what was going on. It was hysterical to listen to everyone around us "speculate" about the injury and to be in the "know."

Sunday was the yearly Children's Sacrament Program at church. The children in this ward did a fabulous job. REALLY! One of my counselors wrote the program. The other counselor was the "time" police--making sure there wasn't too much, and I was the one that just kept saying that I wanted it to be a Children's program and not something that the adults wrote and the kids just said. The children really wrote their own parts and they did a nice job! The songs turned out so much better than I expected.~that sounds so bad, but I stepped into this program about Mother's Day time and there was a lot of "song-learning" that needed to happen. I was really proud of the children. The spirit was strong and the bishop even got 7 minutes to add his closing remarks. I think..OK, I know that many of my "Fans" thought the program would go way over but it didn't. Of that I am so proud. See I do know how to keep to some kind of "time" committment.

Then for the next two hours in primary, I let the kids just "unwind." I don't think the pianist really appreciated it...but she's out of here in a couple of weeks anyway....The kiddo's just can't sit like soliders for three hours. I even got to show them the "Last Leaf." They didn't get it, but it's still one of my favorite stories.

Trying to come up with some cute holiday gifts. I really have been "begging, borrowing and just stealing" ideas from everyone. I think I have about five ideas that I am going to share with the bishop's wife. Since she is such a rebel, and no one will be her friend...I'm just kidding...I am kidding about the "no one will be her friend" part. She really is a rebel. She and I are going to get together over Thanksgiving and do some fun little projects.

Can I just tell you one little thing here on my blog that has been "eating" at me? Well, a few weeks ago in Ward Council, we decided to have our first every "Turkey Bowl." You know, flag football of course. Well, I thought it was families. Well, on Sunday they get up and announce that it is only for the men of the ward. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN!?!!!~ I am going to have to have a little talk with them. Don't they know that this is suppose to be a game for "everyone." I WANT TO PLAY!


Amazed said...

Did you say your Bishop was a turkey? No wonder he's married to a rebel!

glad the program went well. All my kiddo's on Sunday were awesome.

don't you love things when they are over. And successful over? Ahhh....

Cornfields, children and waterballet said...

Thanks for your great comments. You are a great example to me!

Heather R said...

Our program was too short. We only have 24 kids and only 18 of them were there that Sunday. Life in a Branch. My Primary Pres. wrote our program and I just helped with the seating arrangement and the closing comments. They thought because I like to talk that I could stretch things out... HA! That should teach them to ask me to talk. I ended up passing it over to the BP who still ended 10 minutes early. Oh well. I guess if our piano player didn't play at warp speed we would have taken a little longer.

So happy to have found you... oh wait I think I already said that in the last post (like 15 times *grin*)