Tuesday, September 11, 2007

OK...nine days later!

I'm trying to dig myself out of being way too busy! Sorry avid reader's! HA!HA! I seem to not be able to say "NO!" lately--OK or ever.

So, today is September 11th! I taught this morning and as I looked at my wonderful international students, I just thought how blessed I am to be surrounded in "peace" at this moment.

On September 11th, I remember having Colin home from school sick that day. He just sat in front of the TV all day and watched the reports. So his little personality. I know Heavenly Father blessed him to be home with Daren and I on that day. He had taken his one "mental health" day that we give each of the kids every year. I know that was NO coincidence.
TRUELY the Lord is so merciful to us. We really does know us each so perfectly! I remember I was at the doctor with Laura having her "well-baby" check. A good friend phoned my on my cell to ask if I had seen the news. I said "NO!" We quickly finished our appointment and then headed home. I think as many of you, we sat in front of our TV for the next several days wondering who we knew and what could we do to help. I remember the little children at the elementary school making flag pins and selling them and sending the money to the Red Cross. I remember looking in my own closets to see what I had that I might be able to send. Thank heavens for a wise prophet who has us have food storage. It felt good to share "something."

I often ask myself if I am the same since that day. I think not. I don't think I am afraid. I try not to be. I am more patriotic. I cry at flags, and soldiers, and anything red, white and blue. I make my children listen as I teach them proper flag manners, and how to sing some great "American" songs. I know that I value freedom so much. We are so blessed. I know I vote more and study the issues more. I worry for my children. BUT most of all I try to not be afraid.

Many of you know that we have 500 international students here at UNK from 40 plus countries. I get to see first hand everyday how not having the freedoms I do here in the USA changes your life and your outlook. I also get to see how not having the gospel in your life makes it so different as well, but that is not the theme of this post--another time maybe! Daren had the opportunity to go to China last summer. He didn't realize at the time that his every e-mail, his every action and his every word were being so careful watched. If he needed something all he had to do was e-mail another member of the group and it was quickly furnished for them. HOW WIERD would that be.

Today I feel so blessed. No, all this ranting is NOT my hormone's. This is a sane--OK semi sane, woman speaking!



Amazed said...

Beautifully stated. I don't think anyone the is old enough to understand 9/11 will ever be the same.

Anonymous said...

Lindsee's birthday is on 9/11. I try to remember the good things with the bad.

Amazed said...

I can't believe the typos in that first post...sorry...heh, it is Sept. 20th...I remember when you USED to post!

Cornfields, children and waterballet said...

Dear faithful readers--

I guess I got going at my usually "Ann-pace" and put myself in bed for a few days. SORRY! I have been trying to catch up with the days I missed from life. I don't think mother's should ever be sick. We can't ever catch up on what we miss!

I will post tonight! I promise.