Sunday, September 2, 2007

Happy Anniversary! It's been seventeen years~!

Friday was Daren's and my 17th wedding anniversary! WOW! Where does time fly? Really! As usually I gave Daren a gift early in the week because I knew he would need it after an exceptionally stressful day at work.--that could be a whole nother blog on "intergrity in the workplace." On Friday, Daren bought me flowers,--roses of course! Some of my favorite chocolates, and he tried like mad to find a copy of "Amazing Grace."--THE MOVIE!

Now you have to know about his efforts. In May I went to Utah for a week. It was great. I spent one of my days at the dollar movies seeing all the movies that don't make it to the "cornfields." Well, I was able to see "Amazing Grace." I consider this movie one of the all time best movies ever. I have been carefully watching for the release date since May, so that I could buy a copy and show it to Daren and some of my friends here. Every time we find a release date to DVD they move it back. It's so frustrating. So, cute Daren goes to Hastings Book and Tape on Friday and finds out that the "new" release date is now sometime in November. Talk about blowing a guys present for his wife. I know he tried and that's what counts. I guess I can wait a few more months...

So Daren and I were married 17 years ago when we were sealed in the Salt Lake LDS Temple on a wonderful Friday evening by Ned Winder. It was such a great experience. We were older getting married. I was 28 and Daren was 25. The next day we were off to Madison, Wisconsin for Daren's Master's program. And yes, we "eloped" to the temple. 60 of our closest friends showed up to help make this a very special day for us.



Michal said...

happy anniversary! we just celebrated our tenth today. can't believe how quickly life flies by. congrats. you make a great couple.

Heather D. White said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY ANN!! We're coming up on 8 in January. The time definitely flies. Love the pic of you with Sister Dew!! So neat that you were able to meet her.

Anonymous said...

17! what a couple of rookies.
Myrna and I just celebrated our 35 years Saturday. If we do another 35 we will be 91 years old. I promised to take her to the moon if we live that long. I'm not too worried about that promise. We will have plenty of time? when we are on the other side to visit universe.
Uncle Tom