Saturday, September 22, 2007

Is it already September 22, 2007?

I am so sorry for my lack of posting. I got the fall cold that has been plaguing the heartland and all my students. It took me a few days to finally feel like I could be back to my old self. I even missed the high school football game last night!

Sorry for my absence.

On one of my "new" friends blog she had a challenge. If you wanted to "win" a gift from her you had to "pay it forward" on your own blog. So here I go...

For the first three people who reply to my blog, I will send some "Kearney" gift to you to remind you of the friends or family you have here in the midwest.

Good luck to all who choose to play. Remember...this is a great offereing. Cabela's is just down the road and I live in the middle of some pretty big cornfields.

I will get on tonight and post. I have learned and experienced much this week. The Lord is really showing me some pretty powerful lessons about myself and what I can learn so that I can be a better person.--eek! It's painful sometimes.

Hey, this friend that also posted the above "pay it forward" challenge also shared a great recipe. ENJOY! It's a new found favorite.

Crock Pot French Dip Roast

1 packet Au Jus Mix
1 packet Good Seasons Italian Dressing Mix
1 can beef broth
3-4 pound Chuck or rib roast

Put all ingredients into the crock pot and cook for 6-7 hours. MMMMMMM!That’s it. I put mine in the crock pot on low when I went to bed on Sat. night. We woke up to yummy smells but I let it cook until dinner at 1:00. I got a great loaf of sourdough bread but french rolls would be great.

You could check her great blog spot as well. I love it! Someday, maybe we'll get to meet in person.


Valerie Yadon said...

Love the blog...great to see how your family is doing!!

Love ya tons,


Brooke Bradford said...

hey Ann,

I can't wait to try this recipe it looks Great


Cornfields, children and waterballet said...

Hey Valerie,

You are the first winner in my "pay it forward" contest. I will be getting something out to you this week. HEY! Is it still the San Diego address?

Haven't moved to Utah yet? HA!HA!


Cornfields, children and waterballet said...

Hey Brooke--

You are the second winner in my "pay it forward" contest.


I will have to think of something "kearney-ish" I can share with you this week!


The recipe is a keeper.

myrissa said...

I cannot believe how big your kids are getting. I remember changing Colin's diaper(that should embarass him) and now he's in high school! I am so old! I know I'm really bad at keeping in touch but your blog is in my favorites and I check it as often as I can. We send all our love to you and yours.



Cornfields, children and waterballet said...

The winner's for my contest were Valerie Yadon, Brooke Bradford and Grant Thomas--probably Lindsee will enjoy it too!