Thursday, September 27, 2007

My Job!~a picture with one of my students

Some of you wonder what I do for my "job."--I mean the"job" have that is not related to mothering, wife-ing, primary-ing, friending, familying or PTO-president-ing or all the other millions of things I do.

Well, I have the chance to work with the international students at UNK who are here from 40 some countries. I teach them reading, writing, and speaking skills. It's so fun. I LOVE IT! I sometimes can't believe I get paid to do it. NICE THOUGHT!

So, here is a picture of one of my students from this past summer. His name is Leul and he is from Ethiopia. He meet his wife through the "peace corp" in Ethiopia. They were both peace corp workers. They go to church every Sunday and are such good people. I just see the "light of Christ" in them. So rewarding to see this man come here and know that he will someday return to his country and be able to make a difference. EDUCATION IS SO IMPORTANT!

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Heather D. White said...

So fun to hear more about what you do! I don't think you've ever fully explained it to me!! Love the pic!