Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Just the facts! Learn more than you might have wanted about N. Ann Chumbley-Snider

Just The Facts
Anyone, reading this, answer these questions for yourself. I'd love to hear your answers! Anyone?--"Ferris beuller's Day Off," of course! One of my all-time-favorite movies. Can't watch it now because of all the bad language. SO SAD! How come you don't remember how bad a movie really is until you watch it with your children or you recommend it to a friend?

What zodiac sign are you? CANCER

Do you regularly read a horoscope? Nope. If not, why not? I have the scriptures and prayer. I sometimes read it the day after just to see if the horoscope was even close to the day I had.

Married or single? Definitely married. Happily-ever-after married. Daren said the love was suppose to be a "Friendship caught fire.!" I believe in our case that is so true. Daren and I were great friends first.

What do you like to do with your spare time? I like to spend my time with family, friends, blogging, read other people's blogs, visiting my good friends in Salt Lake. eating, gabbing, reading or studying , cooking, scrap booking, serving others, quilting, sewing, and teaching at UNK. I really love to be busy.

Is your life worse, better or about the same as you imagined it would be someday? Oh, much, much better. I feel so blessed.

Is your family larger or smaller than you expected? I don't know if my mind ever let me really think about how my family would turn out. I was never one to say, "Oh, I want to get married at 20 and have 6 kids." I just let life happen to me.

What do you collect? Good Books, scrap booking supplies, quilting supplies and supplies for when I ever think that I will have a minute of private--"me" time. I also have been collecting a few pounds over the 17 years I've been married.

What are three major turning points in your life? gaining my own testimony, going on a mission, graduating from University of Utah, marrying my husband, serving in the church, having my dad die.--that's more than three.

What do you think your greatest talents are? I "love" to serve others. I genuinely love people and want to do whatever I can to serve them. I love the youth of the church. I’m creative. I'm a good "idea" person. I want to be good. I am trying to seek more for the Spirit in my life. I try to be happy as much as I can. I have charity.--I'm seeking to have it more.

What do you think your greatest weaknesses are? Struggling to get the chores of the day done. I like to play way too much. I can't overlook others "weaknesses"as much as I would like. I talk way too much sometimes. I want every one to like me. I have too high of expectations of myself and of others.

What books have affected you the most? Besides the scriptures, The Peacegiver, any of Sheri Dew's books. I am a Michael Wilcox fan and also love Mary Ellen Edmunds. I loved reading "East of Eden" and "The Good Earth." I just finished "Twilight," "New Moon," and "Eclipse."--do you realize that is 2100 pages of reading. And I love to read anything Elder Bednar and Elder Maxwell have every written or said. I love to read the Conference reports.

Are you left- or right- brained? Totally right. I truly don't have one left-brain cell. That is why I married Daren. Together we are a full brain.--that's from my friend "Marilyn." BUT it's so true of my life. "Absent-minded professor meets social butterfly-queen. "

What magazines do you subscribe to, if any? . Ensign, New Era, The Friend, Better Homes and Gardens, and Simple Scrap booking.--I think. I also get the "Church News." I think my mom sends me "Simple Tasting" or something like that. I forget to read it. I really try to only look at magazines when I am at the gym or the doctor's office. I get way to bogged down by them.

What’s playing on your C.D. player right now? "Primary Songs for 2007" and "Bravo to Broadway." I just took Hillary Weeks out yesterday.

What are some of your accomplishments you’re most proud of? Besides my kids and my marriage, I would say having a story published by Deseret Book. It's an article I wrote 10 years ago, in a book entitled: "Balm of Gilead: Women's Stories in Finding Peace." I was thrilled to have this chance to write and be paid for it. I want to do that again. Teaching students at UNK. That is a big deal to me. Seeing my children and husband happy. . Being a good friend.

What are some things you still want to accomplish? Publish some more. Get ahead of the household clutter. Missions. Traveling. Maybe get a Master's degree. Run a half marathon. OK--finish one!

What kind of athletic activity do you like? Well, I love to work out at the gym. I am the biggest WATER person ever. I LOVE THE BEACH! i could spend all day in the pool and not think anything of it. I like to go to a great basketball game. I am a great sports fan. I can hit a ball pretty good. I'm not a great athletic, but I would really like to run a half marathon.

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