Friday, August 10, 2007

Good friends come and go so quickly!

I have been winding down my summer teaching and trying to gear up for a new school year. I spent Wednesday morning in the kid's bedrooms trying to decide what was junk and what could stay. It's so funny how meaningful "stuff" creeps into their rooms.~ I thought I had just deep cleaned their rooms.!?!

A few weeks ago a friend of mine moved back to Arizona. I am so happy for her! She really tried to live in the middle of nowhere Nebraska for two years but it just wasn't a great fit for her. I am amazed and proud of her honesty with herself, her spouse and her family. Tried it; didn't work and will move on. I love it!

I thought I would just add some fun pictures to my blog of my friend, Christy! At a "Young Women in Excellence" night a few years ago I got to introduce her as our guest speaker. I did some undercover-detective work and found out some really awesome things about her. She is an amazing person. She really strives for excellence in her life and knows how to have fun! I needed that more in my life and am so grateful our paths crossed. As I introduced her that night at YWIE, I had an overwhelmingly strong feeling of her goodness come over me. That was a great experience for me!

Christy and I weren't "best" friends but I knew I could count on her for friendship and a listening ear when I needed it. I wasn't always the best friend to her and I was actually pretty hard on her on many occasions. I am so glad that she was able to over look my need for perfection. One thing about Christy that is so amazing is that she just doesn't fight! She really doesn't deal with contention of any kind and it's a great quality. I hope you enjoy some of the photo's that will help me remember the fun times while Christy was here. I hope from this friendship I have learned to be a better friend!

TOFW~Kansas City, MO--March 2007

I'm sure Christy will love this picture when she see's it!

Another TOFW picture! We had a great time! March 2007.

Christy at Havasupai Falls Summer 2005

What a beautufil view at Havasupai Falls!

YES! That is Christy swinging from a tree or rope and falling into the water! She really does know how to have fun!

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