Tuesday, August 7, 2007

"And the Kitchen Sink..."

The "new and improved" Snider sink!

It's a "new, deeper" sink. I can hide more dishes in it!

Daren's warning signs so the "rest" of the Snider's wouldn't ruin all his hard work!

First, I just have to tell you that it is summerat the Snider home! With that said, Daren and I always teach in the summer because "things" around the Snider house have a tendency to brake. We are just so use to it. So, why should it surprise us when last Friday, Daren went to fix the faucet in the kitchen sink and it turned into a much bigger project. The old faucet is the one that came with the house. 1979! It was so old that it wouldn't separate from the sink so we have to replace both--all--much more that expected! Daren is always so apprehensive to do any "fix-it" kind of job.

So Friday afternoon Daren and I set out to pick out a new sink and faucet. In a town of 30,000 we quickly learned that you have about 10 choices. Oh the life in a small town! We were able find a black sink--had a old 70's yellow one so I thought I might try to bring a little of the kitchen into the 21st century. NICE! So, I wanted to really have something a little nicer! Daren was a good sport!

Daren spent until 5:30 AM on Saturday morning putting in and re-plumbing the new kitchen sink. It's surprising what can make a person happy!?!! (HINT TO FAMILY: Please no new vacuum or broom for Christmas! PLEASE!) The sink is in. It's deeper than before and it looks so nice. I love it. Daren surprised himself with his "plumbing" skills. I guess if they ever get rid of him as a University Professor he can get some work as a "handyman!" ~another reason to go to college.

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Amazed said...

As one black sink owner to another, congratulations! We just replaced our kitchen faucet and had to take a seond mortgage on the house! Between the faucet (about $250. and that was one of the cheapest) and the $500 plumber's fee (he fixed a drippy faucet as well)...I think having an almost handy husband is worth it! Good job!