Saturday, August 11, 2007

Eagle Project: COMPLETED!

Colin Price Snider and his final Eagle Scout Project! YAHOO!

A few months ago I was in Utah for a little "R & R." I was trying to gear up for my new calling as Primary President and knew that a week at my best-test friend's house, Dickie, would be the perfect answer. While I was there, I had a chance to get together with some of my nephews and nieces (Grant, Lindsee, Gordon, Angela, Stacy, Chris and kids.) It was so fun. I just love hanging out with family.

So during the evening I was telling them about Colin, Chris, Laura and Cameron. During my in-depth account on Colin's life, I mentioned that all Colin needed to do to have his Boy Scout Eagle Award was his project. Colin has been ready for a year to do this "project." It's been driving me crazy because every project idea I would suggest Colin would just "poo-poo!" Teen-ager/Mom idea--sound familiar?! It has been so frustrating. I'm telling Grant and Gordon my plight and they gently reminded me that Colin had 2 1/2 more years before I really needed to start worrying about Colin's eagle project. EEK! Gordon and Grant reminded that a "real" eagle project doesn't really happen until a few weeks before a boy's 18th birthday! HOW COULD I FORGET MYRNA'S CONSTANT NAGGING FOR THE WEEKS LEADING UP TO THEIR 18th BIRTHDAY'S!?!! --See if I ask my nieces and nephews for a little help getting the other boys motiviated to do their eagle projects done.

Well...on Friday, August 1oth, Colin Price Snider finished his eagle project by building a handcart for the Archway Monument here in Kearney. Colin wanted to do this project because his great-great-great-great grandmother, Hannah Middleton Hawkey was on the Martin Handcart Company. The Martin Handcart Company traveled by handcart through Kearney, Nebraska while on their way to Salt Lake City, Utah. For Colin this project had some special meaning. NICE!

I am so glad that all we have now is some paperwork and a board of review with the area BSA leaders. Hopefully some time in November we will be having an Eagle Court of Honor for him and two other boys in our troop and ward. One down, two to go!

Thanks to all of our nephews and cousins who have been a great example to our boys in getting their "Eagle Scout Awards."

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