Monday, August 13, 2007

Have I told you about my "Best-test" friend, Dickie?!

This is a picture of Dickie--she's on the right, and her mother, Maxine!
I know Dickie will really not like this photo's all I have right now.
(Maybe she will send me a new one.)

May 2007, Salt Lake City, Utah

Have I told you about my really good friend, Dickie?! I was at her house in May and had a fabulous time. I spent a week just resting, talking, watching movies, eating at fun restaurants and taking early morning walks in Liberty Park. It was so fun. I felt so relaxed and rested when I got back from this little trip! I just miss my days of the "Liberty Stake" and all the chances we had to serve and be with people who are so good. There were so many fabulous restaurants to choose from in Salt Lake. Kearney just isn't the "eating out of the capitol" of the Midwest. I think out of all the places we went out to eat at Paradise Cafe and the Cafe Rio are two of my favorites. Do you think they might be coming my way anytime soon? I won't be holding my breath.

So why is Dickie such a great friend? I've really been thinking of about this lately. Dickie is just so fun. She is so spiritually strong. She has a strong testimony of the gospel. She goes to institute classes every week. AMAZING! Always learning. Dickie is the kind of person you love to serve with. She was Stake RS President and I served as her secretary. It was my job to make her look good. I hope I did that! I learned so much. We just laugh and laugh when we talk about our days. We love to swap stories of our children and spouses. They keep us on our toes.

Anyway...thanks Dickie for always being a great friend. --I bet some of you are asking yourself--"WHO NAMES THEIR CHILD "DICKIE?" Well, if it makes a difference her real name is Dixine.

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Amazed said...

I just got back in town and just loved catching up on your blog. My mom's name is Maxine so I easily could have been Dickie! I actually had a friend named Dickilyn, and now a friend named I'm never too surprised! Best friends are the best, aren't they! And I love your taste in restaurants! Two of my favorites! What class does Dickie go to...we may go to the same one? Have a good day!