Friday, August 6, 2010

Turning 48!

What a wonderful birthday I have had! The night before my birthday I kindly and obediently wrote out a list of how I would like my birthday to play out. Daren seems to work best with this and so I am happy to oblige!

I did spend most of the day in the classroom. I didn't mind. My students enjoyed some "Eileen's cookies" and I enjoyed sharing part of the day with them.

A few dear friends dropped in and I enjoyed the quietness of the evening. Daren and the kids cooked a delicious dinner. We had homemade tacos and topped the dinner off with a big glass of ice cold milk. I think we even ate the cake first!

Life is grand! I am surrounded by friends who make my life so fun!

The birthday celebrating finally came to an end yesterday. I will be sad. Two dear friends took me to lunch at the "new/old" Thai restaurant. It was a treat! The lunch was not the quiet exchange of thoughts and ideas I had planned. It was a bit more "drama," but that was OK too! In a town of 30,000 you can't usually go anywhere without running into someone you know. Yesterday was no exception. I bet out of the 50 chairs in the restuarant, I knew 30 of the people eating lunch. That doesn't equal a quiet, fun lunch with friends....maybe next time!

So here is to another great year on earth! Everyday is such a blessing! I will try to complain less and do more. I really will! Everyday is a gift and I know that!

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Pam Andrews Hanson said...

It was a wonderful celebration, and the three of us need to find more 'occasions' to do the same!
Love and hugs!