Saturday, July 17, 2010

Snider Family Reunion July 2010

Four out of the five Snider children and their families
(OK--some of their families, missing Amy and Mary and All of David's family!)
Ten years ago, Phyllis and Ken Snider passed away. Since that time, the five children of Phyllis and Ken have been trying to have a reunion. We wanted a reunion with everyone. We tried.
Thanks to Stacey Snider-Birk and many, many others, we had a pretty "near" complete reunion a few weeks ago.
I was so wrapped up in having a great time with all the family who I miss so much, that I didn't take, not ONE photo. I am really relying on the charity of others to share their photos with me.
We recently had a professional photographer marry into the family! Debbie Snider is the talented photographer who snapped the lovely photo above. Can't wait to see more.
I hope it doesn't take us another ten years to get together! I love my Snider familY!
NOTE: Just you try to enlarge the photo, this is NOT our serious family photo. It's a teaser from the photographer herself, until we get all the photos. Just thought I would share.

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