Tuesday, August 5, 2008

End of Another Summer Teaching and a New Calling!

Just have a quick update. I am officially done teaching for another summer. I taught a little bit differently this summer. I taught 25 days straight! It was a little long but I was glad to have five weeks off to just play with the kids. It worked out great!

As for church. On Sunday I was called as Institute teacher. It's a Stake calling now, not just an appointment. I will teach college students 18-31 years old a religion class once a week each semester. I'm excited. I will have to keep you posted on how it turns out!

As for tomorrow, all Snider's must play. We are heading out to a water park and to do some shopping. It's going to be great!


Big Daddy and Hot Momma said...

Hey girl,

Does this mean that you are done with Primary? I don't think we will be able to see you on the way up, my uncle is getting married on Sat. We just found out so we need to drive straight through.
I really want to hook up with you guys, I will call.


Michal said...

congrats on the new calling! that sounds just up your alley. what class will you be teaching?

Amazed said...

Perfect calling! And please do some synchronized swimming at the park! Folks would LOVE it! Enjoy the rest of the summer!