Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Ann Chumbley-Snider 46 years ago!
The one below is one that my Dad carried in his wallet until he died. He used to pull it out of his wallet whenever anyone wanted to see a picture of his "girl."

And the birthday celebration goes on. The kids and Daren were so cute for my birthday. Christopher is away at Boy Scout Camp and so it was the Colin, Laura, Cameron and Daren doing the celebrating with me and for me. Birthdays are so fun. Everyone should love that special day once a year when you get to think about your birth, about your life and what you have to yet accomplish! SO FUN!

Colin brought the two little one’s over to my classroom and delivered me three bright yellow balloons and a vase full of chocolate and glass marbles to be traded in for flowers when I got home later in the day, AND a huge banner to hang in my classroom that said “Happy Birthday, MOM!” So sweet. Can you believe a 16 year old would do that?

Then later in the evening a delicious dinner made by Daren, and then some more fun surprises. NICE! We had barbecued steak with mushrooms and blue cheese on top. Just the way I love it! Thanks Marilyn! Some wonderful baked potatoes and corn on the cob. Although the farmers don't have much corn to harvest this year, I enjoyed every bite. Then for dessert we had a fresh boysenberry pie. There is a wonderful lady about 60 miles from here that makes "to-die-for" berry pies. It was a treat. Put a little scoop of vanilla ice cream on that warm pie and WA-LA! The best ever!
There is a great “me-me” going around right now! It you don't know what a "me-me" is take a minute and do a google search. It's worth the time to understand the word. This "me-me" takes a minute to do some “interviewing” of your children, but the answers prove very “fun” and “PRICELESS!”

1. What does mom always say to you?
Cameron (5): “I love you!”
Laura (8): “I love you!”
Christopher (13): MIA—he’s at BS Camp.
Colin (16): “Go and get a job! No seriously, she says, ‘ Love you, Colin!”

2. What makes mom happy?
Cameron: “When you tickle her!” (NOT! I don’t like to be tickled)
Laura: “When you kiss her!”
Colin: “When we achieve our highest standards and abilities.” (WOW!)

3. What makes mom sad?
Cameron and Laura Together: “When you tell lies and are lazy and don’t listen.” (WOW!!)
Colin: “When I don’t do my best.”

4. How does mom make you laugh?
Cameron: “She tickles me.”
Laura: “She makes funny faces.”
Colin: “She shows me her ‘food’ while eating. (I don’t that; OK I DO!)

5. What was mom like when she was little?
Cameron: “I don’t know.”
Laura: “Blonde-haired; ‘angel’ in school Christmas play; small
Colin: “Angel child; blonde hair.”

6. How old is Mom?
They all said, “45!” They have a mom who just doesn’t let her age be that big of a deal. Now 46~!

7. How tall is mom?
Cameron: “98 feet”Laura: “5 feet, 55 inches.”


Amazed said...

What a fun day! I'm glad you love the steaks! They are our favorite as well!

Michal said...

those pictures are great! happy belated birthday (i'm not up to date on my blog reading at the moment, obviously.) i can't believe that last picture isn't laura. yikes! and i thought she looked like phyllis!

Anonymous said...

WOW, I know where Laura got her looks! Too cute!

Love, Jules

Big Daddy and Hot Momma said...

Happy Late Birthday, Wow I am a crappy friend!
Love Ya!
(I finally got a blog for the family)

Kate said...

WOW! All I can say is that Laura looks just like you!! I had to stop and read because I thought some of them were for sure her, but they were you! That is so crazy!