Thursday, June 5, 2008

A Small Taste of What Happened While We Were Away!

This is a photo of the two F-2 Tornado's that hit Kearney while we were in Europe.

Daren and I returned safety from a very exciting, wonderful and very fast-paced trip to Switzerland, Italy--including the French Rivera and Monaco, and France. We had a great time and besides me losing my cell phone, it was a great trip. The kids fared very well! The young couple we had take care of the kids did an excellent job and we couldn't be happier to be home!
Before I go on and blog about the trip and share some great stories and photo's, I thought I would just share a photo of what hit Kearney while we were gone. Two F-2 Tornado's came together over Kearney and did some major damage. Our neighborhood was hit hard. We didn't have damage that we can see right now, but many of those around us lost everything. Tornado's are amazing things.

Storms hit again last night and we gathered all the kids and the dog downstairs for about an hour. It was midnight when the two storms were moving through last night!


Reese said...

Me and Katy were waiting for you to get home. We are excited for pictures from your trip. Glad your family made it through the storms ok. Me and Katy will be home in 4 days!!!! Save some storms for us!

Amazed said...

So happy you're home and can't wait to hear all about the trip. Did you see the pictures on Sophia's blog...about her friends....the before and after pictures of their house...and the tornado? The tornado won. Glad you're all safe!

Katy Jean said...

Thanks for letting me steal this picture. My friends love looking at it on my blog. You're such a great friend :)

Anonymous said...

Scary !!!! Call me when you have a minute. Julie