Tuesday, May 20, 2008

And We Are Off and Running!

In a few short hours Daren and I will be off to Europe for 13 days! I can't believe the time is here. I have so much more to do! I have now made a revised list and will just do what I can tomorrow. That's all I can do now! It's clean underwear and a passport now! HEE! HEE!
On Friday morning Daren and I will arrive in Zurich. We have been there before. Same hotel as well. Here is a little preview of what we can expect:

I'll see all of you in a few weeks!

Downtown Zurich at night!

Lake Zurich! --It's so beautiful in Spring!

I wish I could take you all!


Amazed said...

Have a WONDERFUL time!!!! I'm sorry we didn't get to chat before you left!!!!!

Mary said...

SO JEALOUS!! Have fun!!