Saturday, June 21, 2008

Joan of Arc--One of My Many Favorite Hero's--Heroines

Yesterday I ran across a picture I bought at the Louvre of Joan of Arc. I remembered how touched I was by her story and her statue as I visited Notre Dame. I had bought the picture with the idea of putting it in my office. A reminder of the great things I can do and to not be afraid of life. I still need to do that!
So here are a few random pictures of Joan of Arc and a famous quote from her.
"I am not afraid... I was born to do this. "
Joan of Arc, Sworn testimony of the ‘nullification trial’ conducted twenty-five years after Joan’s death gives tons of information about her. The original transcript for this ‘nullification trial’ still exists. Joan of Arc is considered a French heroine & saint (1412 - 1431.)
So why this quote? I just feel and believe that we are all born at a certain time and place and put into the places we are right now to accomplish certain missions that no one else can. It's up to us to do what the Lord expects of us. We can't be afraid. We just have to do it! I believe that we lived with our loving Heavenly Father before we came to earth and that we "shouted" for joy at the opportunity to come to earth and experience so many wonderful things. I really rely on that knowledge. It helps me to know that what I am doing is a plan that I choose. I wanted to have the experiences that I am having. So, I try not to be afraid and then I jump in the best I can and try to accomplish whatever is placed before me.

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