Tuesday, April 29, 2008

What Happens When You Throw-up Too Hard!

So, in case you want to know what happens when you throw-up too hard, I will try to explain. You see, I have first hand knowledge now and am determined to share! A BLOG! What a great place to share such personal details.

Last Tuesday I was violently ill. I mean really, really sick with the flu. I threw up like I have never thrown up before. The next day I felt like I had been hit by a train. On Thursday I was feeling so much better. As the week-end came and went I realized that the organs in the lower part of my stomach seemed to be in weird places. You know the feeling that comes after you have a baby and everything is trying to make it's way back to its normal spot. Well, by Monday I had self-diagnosed myself with a million different things thanks to the Internet. Try as I might, I couldn't seem to pray, voodoo dance or wish my stomach problems away.

I didn't have classes on Monday so I made my way over to Kearney Clinic. You know the place I have been weekly since the first of the year with everyone else in my family but me. Dr. Rogers was taking "Walk-In's" and with-in 40 minutes I knew that what I was feeling was just what I had suspected: "An Umbilical Hernia." ME..This wasn't on my "to-do" list this week. I don't have time for surgery this week. I don't even have time for surgery again in my life time. I've done my fair share of surgery table duty. Denial doesn't seem to be changing the strange feeling coming from my lower stomach area.

I have a doctor's appointment scheduled for Wednesday afternoon with a surgeon and will be in surgery early Thursday morning. I need as many days as possible to recover from surgery before our big trip to Europe on May 22.

I have great faith that this will be a simple procedure that will allow me to be served by others and also allow me to slow down and get some of the important things of life done.

My boss at UNK was nice enough to let me teach on Wednesday for the last time this semester and call it good. My students were over-joyed today when I announced that we wouldn't have any finals. HOW LUCKY CAN YOU GET?

The housework will have to wait and my counselors in Primary will have to take over the Mother's day activities I have planned. It will be OK! :)

So on Thursday morning, please remember me in your prayers. I didn't have such good luck when I had my gallbladder out and I really need to come home to my husband and children in pretty good shape. I JUST WANT TO LIVE TO RAISE MY BABIES! I have a long list of things i haven't accomplished in this life yet.

So after a wonderful Stake Conference with Elder Marlin K. Jensen and Elder Martino as visiting General Authorities this past week-end, I am off to the go under the surgeons knife on Thursday morning. We lost our Bishop to the new Stake Presidency. I am very sad. Bishop Ryan Page has been my biggest cheerleader. He is a great personal friend and I will miss working with him on a ward level. It will interesting to see who the new bishop will be. Change is good.

I'll report a little later this week.


Amazed said...

Okay, I'm SOOOO sorry you are sick....but plllleeease...don't talk about throwing up when you have wonderful pictures of cupcakes on your blog!!!!!

Just kidding....I'm so sorry for you and WILL keep you in my prayers! Good, good luck. All will go well but any surgery is scary! Don't worry about walking (ha! Last thing on your mind...) I accept Dr.'s notes!

Amazed said...

Oh, and thank you for the chart....I REALLY wanted to visualize the whole thing.

Cornfields, children and waterballet said...

Anytime. I just want to wake up and have the flattest stomach ever! HAR!HAR! Dr. Bragg is a surgeon not a miracle worker.

I have to get back on the walking ASAP so I will be ready for Europe in 22 days!

I will send on the Doctor's note! :)

Anonymous said...

OH! Ann! O.M.Gosh! I will pray for you. I have an M.R.I. on Thursday @ 4PM. We will catch up and compare soon! Love, Julie

Michal said...

yikes, ann. hope it all goes well and you are back to feeling great soon, especially with that europe trip coming up. you will be in my prayers tomorrow.