Monday, April 7, 2008

One of My Two Favorite Week-ends of the Year!

My favorite picture of President Monson.

It was General Conference time this week-end. I look so forward to this week-end. I can't imagine being any place but in front of the TV watching a Prophet of the Lord speak to my family and me! There are so many great quotes I would like to share but I will just say this: "I knew it was going to be a spiritual feast when during the opening prayer on Saturday morning Elder Mickelsen prayed for the "Mothers" of the church. WOW! He prayed so specifically for "me"--a mother! I loved it!

So how does the Snider family prepare for General Conference? Well, this is it. We first start by trying to have a clean house. Dishes done, laundry put away, and so forth. On Saturday morning I go shopping for "Sub" sandwich stuff. I try to make the week-end about Conference and not about cooking and all that~! I also get a basket full "goodies" for our traditional Sunday morning "bingo" game! We love it!

On Saturday we give the kids the option to watch conference. They usually end up with us in the room for most of it! Then on Sunday morning we make a wonderful big breakfast and get our selves ready to watch the morning session together! It's great!

I am always so sad to when I hear them announce the last speaker on Sunday afternoon. I long for more!

During the Priesthood session on Saturday night I am able to spend some time with the little ones while Daren and Colin and Christopher head off to priesthood. This year we played at the "Big Apple." A bowling alley and inside playground. Daren takes the boys for ice cream after priesthood.

I guess I feel like we try to offer our family some "traditions" that will carry on long after we are gone! I am concerned that our children see how important General Conference is to us! I want them to love it as much as I do.

Tomorrow I will share some of those great quotes and experiences that I had this week-end. I also want to share a bit about the Memorial service for Dr. Snyder that took place today! What another uplifting experience!

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