Wednesday, March 26, 2008

It's a Happy Day! ~Thankful Hearts

Sometimes life is just plain "challenging!" I think between sickness, things breaking, and trying to find balance with four children, not to take into account some frustrating personality issues in the ward, life has just been crazy! Daren and I have really been trying to make a real effort to just "enjoy the ride." Just really sit back and enjoy our children, life and what is happening. I think for the most part we have done a pretty good job!

Last week was Spring Break and everyone pitched in and helped to deep clean the Snider abode! It was great "fun." HA!HA! Just ask the kids. After four days and fourteen million bags of stuff being dropped off at "Goodwill" or the dump, our house is cleaner, neater and "lighter." I personally feel that the spirit is also stronger. :) That's just a personal opinion and not doctrine in case you are wondering. Anyway, during the week Christopher had been feeling a bit under the weather. We thought we could just "work" through it. On Friday, Colin started to feel bad and by Sunday morning we had the both of them in bed. Different symptoms but they were both sick. On Sunday evening Laura threw-up all night and I just started to cry. I don't do "throw-up" very well. On Monday after I taught I took Christopher to the doctor. He ran a gamut of tests and poor Christopher had been suffering from sinus and ear infections. POOR KID! On Tuesday it was Colin's turn. This time Daren took Colin to the doctor's and he was put through the battery of tests. Colin has some kind of virus--whooping cough maybe and or walking pneumonia. They are both on the mend today and will be just fine.

So what is the point of all this ranting? Well, during all this time and especially today, I have just seen the hand of the Lord helping details to fall into place that I had been struggling with for months. People, places and details just seem to all be working out. I am so thankful. I can see the hand of the Lord in my life. I am truly thankful.


Anonymous said...

WOW! You and Mary have really had it! Hope everyone stays well. Roger was just called to the Bishop Rick in our new ward. It is splitting on Sunday! Kiss the kids for me. Tell Daren hello too! Julie

Amazed said...

Loved reading about your insights. Sorry about the sick kiddos but glad is can be fixed!

How's your walking coming? I want a report???!!!!