Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Little Thanksgiving Fun!

"Gretchen," our family watchdog! This is her favorite spot to "watch" all those rabbits and squirrels and make sure that nothing attacks us!
One of our little "Indian's" waiting patiently for the thanksgiving feast.
Little Missie thinks she is a football "girl." She is always borrowing her older brother's football jersey and playing a little catch.

I'm pretty proud of our Thanksgiving Table. I made everyone color a thanksgiving tree and write five things they are thankful for. This is my place setting. Pretty cute! This is my grandmother's china. It's the china I ate on growing up. FUN for my family. We even had little menu's for each person.

And we even had everyone put on some nicer clothes. Christopher volunteered to be the "model" for our table. NICE!
We even had a little entertainment!
The "Family" marching band. It was so fun.

Little Missie and her "who-me" pose.

It was a very quiet Thanksgiving day feast. It was so wonderful. Loved the rest and quiet of the day! We should try this a little more often.

Colin won the "Turkey Leg" at the first annual Turkey Bowl. It is a frozen turkey leg that will be frozen and kept each year and then passed on to the winner. Aren't we lucky!

And of course a few of us got up and went shopping at 4:15 AM on Friday morning! It was crazy! Colin almost lost his life at Radio Shack getting one of the six "Zune's" for $100.00 Poor kid has to fight every year for his Birthday and Christmas giflts. Two years ago he had to push his way through the crowd for a "Gamecube." Last year he spent the night at Wal-Mart to get a WII, and this year he had to start waiting at 4:30 AM for a 6:00 AM sale for his ZUNE! Holiday Memories!

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Amazed said...

I loved your placemats and holiday entertainment. You guys are NUTS to be shopping maniacs, though! I can't believe you'd put one of your babies through that jungle!!!