Friday, October 19, 2007


This package came today! A few weeks ago I was the third person to post on my "friend" Marilyn's blog!

I won! I won!

So today, the last day of school before Fall Break for me, I returned home to a box full of wonderful goodies from "M."
Did I say how excited I was? I was excited!!! Just ask the kids.
And look at the photo's. They say a picture is worth a thousand words.~In this case it is true.

The labels are classic. "M" this is so great! I used my very best "sharp" knife to open it! NICE AND SLOW! Savoring every minute.

It's a "love potion" candle! I love it!
More fun stuff...Where do I begin?
~Look at all the fun stuff.~

I did the "bunny ears" in the picture of me and Laura because my mom never let us do that kind of stuff in pictures growing now I get to say "the more 'bunny ears' the better. BRING ON THE BUNNY EARS!
I WON! I WON! I really won...what a wonderful surprise.
I love that the Lord knows each of us so personally and that he places "people"-- like "M"-- in our lives to be able make this life and the journey so much better. And by the way, I am the proud owner of "M's" book of poetry, "The Red Rooster Cafe And Other Tales"
~Thank you~

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Amazed said...

so fun! I heart bunny ears! Hope you have fun with the "stuff." I heart stuff! I heart tender mercies that orchestrate friendships.