Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Cold, Wet Nebraska Fall Afternoon!

The kids were home today for "Fall Break." It was rainy, wet and cold. A nice fall day for some fun indoor activities. I took the chance to pull out the camera and "click" away!

This one might need some explaining...Yes, this is Cameron. --A BOY!--Laura was doing my hair and Cameron decided he wanted his hair done as well. We love those tiny little ponytails. Cameron did too until he got hold of a mirror!

And then it was the kids turn to "turn" the camera on me. I am trying to be a good sport. Don't you love the seven -year-old's idea of how her mother should wear her hair? EEK!

What a fun afternoon! We laughed and played and just had a fun couple of hours.

1 comment:

Amazed said...

I'd say you have a couple of good black-mail pictures of Cameron for someday! It is wet and cold here as well. Time for hot chocolate!