Tuesday, October 23, 2007

M.I.A.--Where did the Snider Family go?!

Need I say more?...

Right after General Conference in October I decided my family needed time with Daren and me more than I needed a week-end away from them all.

So what does that mean? It means that I had booked a hotel room in Denver six months ago and bought a ticket to something called "TOFW"--"Time Out for Women" and had planned a nice Fall Break by myself in Denver. Sounded good! Well, what I then decided after hearing more than one talk at General Conference about the importance of family, was that I needed to show the kids some fun.

As most of you know, when I think of "fun," it usually involves water and sun. That might be an easy thing to do, but it's fall in Nebraska and that means cooler temp's and not so much sun. So I did a little "google searching" and found a new 60,000 square foot indoor water park about three hours from here and quickly made the decision to "ditch" TOFW and go with two days with Daren and the kids to the Coco Keys Water Resort. It was a great choice and we had an awesome time.

It turned out to be just what the Snider's needed!

One of the fun things was that since we left right after church on Sunday, we had to find a place to have dinner. The kids were all over this because we usually, OK, NEVER, eat out or buy anything on Sunday's. We tried to explain that we could either find a restaurant or they could to to bed hungry. The kids decided that "Cracker Barrel" would be their restaurant of choice! GOOD CHOICE! It was a great time. The kids used their best manners and we ate one of the best meals ever. I think it was Aunt Myrna who helped us discover this great place. There isn't a Cracker Barrel within 200 miles of our house so this really was a great treat.

The rule on Snider family trips to the big city--OMAHA--is that we can't eat or go to any stores that we have in Kearney. That always makes the trip so much more exciting. We have discovered some of the best little places that way.

So back to Cracker Barrel, I quickly made Colin sit in a Nebraska Husker rocking chair. I made sure I had a picture of this. I did this because Colin is about one of the only people in Nebraska that "dislikes" the Huskers. I am afraid his blood is turning a little blue---BYU bound I think!

Can you guess the restaurant from the rocking chairs?

Colin and his "Husker" rocking chair!

Christopher and the "best" hot chocolate he has ever had. I love that face!

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Amazed said...

So fun! What a good mom! I love Cracker Barrel too. Especially their chicken and dumplings. I love wandering through their country store. Great pictures.